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SARAH HOOPS - Sterling Silver

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*Comparable to $150 with other retailers 
  •  Made in 925 sterling silver dipped in rhodium for extra shine and longevity.
  •  Diameter: 17.15 mm.
  • Plating: 2.5 microns
  • Weight: 6.5 grams 
  • Width: 3.8 - 6.0 mm.
  • Nickel and lead free



- 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper.   

  • The "Sarah" Hoops are plated in rhodium, which gives it extra shine and durability so you can be sure these will last.
  • Rhodium is a silver-white metallic element that is highly reflective and resistant to corrosion. It is considered the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world — well above gold or silver.





Warranty will cover up to 2 years from the date you place your order and payment is received.  Warranty will cover defects in product quality ONLY - please note the warranty will not cover damages or discolouration due to improper care (exposure to water, sea water, chlorine, humidity, chemicals, etc. Please see CARE instructions below for more information on how to care for your fine jewelry).



  • Store jewelry in a clean, dry air tight container such as a ziplock bag or anti-tarnish bag. A velvet-lined jewelry box will work well too.
  • Don't leave silver jewelry in the bathroom! Humidity can speed up the oxidation process that produces tarnish.
  • Minimize sterling silver's contact to chemicals (hair and body products, etc.), and do not wear it swimming, in the shower, or hot tub.
  • After removing silver jewelry, clean it with a dry cloth before placing it in an airtight container.
  • GOLDEN RULE: your fine jewelry should be the last thing you put on before leaving the house and the first thing removed when returning home.


I carefully selected a reliable manufacturer who has over 20 years in experience and creates only top-quality products.  This company is sufficient in developing the jewelry according to the ideas/designs/drawings of many small and large businesses around the world.  This is a small factory setting consisting of a maximum of 300-500 employees who are paid and treated ethically and fairly.  Jewelry by Lori focuses on only working with suppliers and manufacturers who are ethical meaning the companies aim to protect the environment, do not exploit its workforce by paying low wages, using child labour, or producing products which are harmful or dangerous.  This manufacturer started out as a small family business and eventually became a larger company focused on helping businesses of all sizes design and create jewelry they always wanted to create at an affordable price. 

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